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Selling or Buying a home in Tenerife can be a daunting task, as can finding suitable rental accommodations. Real Estate Tenerife takes the drama out of the buying and selling process by placing the property first. After all, the property’s location, key attributes and overall value are its most powerful statement. That’s why Real Estate Tenerife places properties in the spotlight over anything else. Over 70% of prospective buyers are not on Tenerife and as such are researching those properties they will ultimately see when on the island, yours should be one of them! Also, as a seller you’ll be able to list your property with a concise description plus photos on what is easily today’s most effective showcase, the internet. We ensure your ad is seen by deploying state of the art marketing on over 200 websites worldwide in addition to all major search engines. Buyers are turning to the Internet to find, compare and select their future properties in ever increasing numbers. Weeks of window shopping and walking around the 100´s of large and small agencies is becoming less common place. Ad your property today or, for those looking to buy, we are sure you will be impressed by the 1000´s of properties advertised directly by the seller on Real Estate Tenerife.

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Much of our budget is spent making this website the most visited site for those looking for an extensive and unbiased range of properties on the island.

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