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  Decisions to buy property are rarely taken lightly. Before the internet the buying process often meant several trips to your chosen destination before making a choice and for some it took years. Today buyers are presented with euro wide mortgages to facilitate purchases abroad and do much of their pre-purchase selection from their home country on the web. Potential buyers search to contact the seller either via agents or directly before making the trip but it all begins in front of a computer…

Put your property on their computer wherever they are in the world!

  Searching our database minutes for what used to take weeks of looking around. Real Estate Tenerife only lists properties on the island making us the first choice site for potential buyers.
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Agents need properties as much as they need buyers.
When agents meet potential buyers their main aim is to find the exact property that suits their clients before another agent does. Having fast access to properties all over the island can make or break a sale. Real Estate Tenerife is also used by agents as a local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to allow them to quickly home in on those properties currently on the market. Your property will be one of them!

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Search engines and link directories are the main place people look for properties. Our ad program allows us to finance the heafty costs of maintaining the website along with monthly third party advertising. Real Estate Tenerife is part of the google adwords network and Overtures ad program in order to guarantee traffic. Our site is also the sole link for real estate from sites such as , and hundreds more Tenerife related sites.

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